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My vote goes towards Jack Stone: The Return

I vote for @Frozenlakefilms' "Lego Samurai Duel 2 (Brickfilm Day 2019)"

I love Jack Stone: The Return, Valentine's Day The Perfect Gift and Are We a Brickfilm, but my vote ultimately goes to Lego War: A New World by @starwarsstudio100.
Great job!

My vote goes to "LEGO Jack Stone: The Return"!

"LEGO Be More Chill: Looser, Geek, Whatever" gets my vote!

@Frozenlakefilms Samurai Duel 2 for me!

I vote for "LEGO Jack Stone: The Return" by @Yummy-Burrito-Studios

"LEGO Jack Stone: The Return" by @Yummy-Burrito-Studios, most certainly! There were a lot of great BFD films, but this one made me laugh so hard!

I’m gonna say “Agent 32” by @LiamLegoStudios

Lego War: A New world


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