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I'm voting for Severus and Dobby by @Joshua Nelson , however I also really enjoyed Hogwarts TV.

New week ! New vote !

LEGO Star Wars: Kenobi vs. Vader OFFICAL
Here is my Lego recreation of the lightsaber battle between Ben Kenobi vs. Darth Vader from Star Wars A New Hope. I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for more future awesome Lego conte

Lego DC Short: Super Infringement
hey mate CAST: Torchlight Cinema FrozenLakeFilms Reused "Huh" from Parkermation Pictures Bryguytyguy Skinny Zach Films Natebrickstudioz

Dog 6
@Ozone Studios
The sixth installment in the Dog series.

Lego Santa Wish List
@Brick Broadcasting
The most beautiful time of the year. A time of family, giving and getting gifts. Be careful what you wish for.... based on a true story! Day 4 of the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas: The Christmas brickfil

The End of a Dynasty
@LAF Productions
There is bad blood between two families. A blood feud has carried the violence on for years. Now, only two men from each family remain. Who will survive? Special thanks to RomeNZ for his perfect voice

Sonic X Re-animate | My shots side by side and normal
This is a project, I'm apart of where we recreate shots from a Sonic X episode. I'm with a ton of other animators to create this one big video.

LEGO WW2 Battle for Carentan
11th of June 1944, fifth day after D-Day The battle for Carentan is raging on. The city is almost in full control of the Allies. A paratrooper squad has the objective to hold the frontline. The Wehrma

Dog 6 by @Ozone Studios is the culmination of all of my hopes and dreams and therefore gets my vote.

My vote goes to Lego DC Short: Super Infringement by @TheLegoDirector

@chris_gbpDog 6 by @Ozone Studios is the culmination of all of my hopes and dreams and therefore gets my vote.


Lego Santa Wish List by @Brick Broadcasting

Lego DC Short: Super Infringement by @TheLegoDirector

I'm gonna have to give my cookies to Dog 6 by @Ozone Studios

DOG 6 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

The moment I saw Dog 6 on the list, there was no way it wouldn't get my vote. I vote for Dog 6 by @Ozone Studios!


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