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The Case of Cogs

The Case of Cogs


Gas Gas Gas! Gas?

I Made this in 15 Minutes!
Aaaaaaa! Aaaaaaa! Pfffftt. Hehe

Throg with Hair
Whoever says "Pumpkin pasta picked pizza Bully Maguire" first gets pinned I did a few other animations today but they were a big flicker-y mess, even though I have the same exact lighting and set from

Starving On The Seven Seas | A THAC 2022 Entry
@Formal Lens
Grim fortunes befall two pirates on the high seas. Created in 24 hours for THAC 2022. I am going to sleep well tonight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lego Star Wars: The Adventure Continues Tribute Trailer
I made this as a fun tribute to Kenner's planned "sequel" star wars series from the mid-80s (Epic Continues). I designed the Clone Warrior custom based on the Kenner concept art. Be sure to subscribe

Hot Doggin’ [THAC 2022]
@Joshua Armell
A failing chef must impress a food critic and save his restaurant. Entry for THAC 2022. (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest) I didn’t have enough time to edit in sound effects and music, spare the end

Lego Jiminy Flailin's Exclusive Interview With Giant Rubberdragon
@Maxed Out Productions
Behold, my first ever THAC entry. The theme this year was perspective. Somehow I managed to get this thing done in just 17 hours.

The Confounding Case of the Indescribable Thief - (THAC XIX)
@Bros with da Legos
Sometimes different witnesses just don't have the facts anywhere close to the same. A brickfilm made in under 24 hours for THAC 2022.

A Sort of Optimistic Fellow -THAC XIX
@Brickmaster Studio
My simple THAC 2022 entry, made in under a day. I hope you enjoy it the theme for this year was "perspective", and the mods were a green brick and a yellow brick, and the letter Q. Thanks to Jamerson

My Personal Apocalypse (THAC 2022)
@Hudson Ludy
It's not the end of the world. - Made in 24 hours for Bricks in Motion's Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest.

A Trash LEGO Let It Go Music Video
This is just a bunch of compiled animation tests that I decided to thematically aim somewhat in the direction of a complete music video? Not coherent, or really all that consistent- but at least it's

LEGO: Adventures of The Nekkid Firefighter: Episode III: Revenge of the Perspective
Set during a time of uncivil rest and among other things. A lego brickfilm stop-motion about a fire department questioning their perspectives in life because everyone has different perspectives in lif

Through the Ice
@BrickTective Productions
Made in less than 24 hours... Featuring AwesomePants as the Narrator It was the treasure he sought He continued no matter what they thought They told him it wasn’t real There was no treasure to steal

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Stop Motion
This is part of a canceled brickfilm from a couple of years ago. It was mainly based on some old comics and the Droids cartoon series. I wanted to be purely retro with the old style voice and he's not

Perennial - THAC XIX
Perennial was made in 24 hours for THAC XIX, check out the other entries: --------------------------- Voice talent by Blandeer: Voice talent by Starwarsstudio: Voice talent by Toad: ----------------

Quest for Forgiveness
This was made in one day for THAC2022 contest. The theme was perspective. thefourmonkeys Website: Brickfilmer's Guild Website: BFG Patreon Page: Editing software HitFilm Pro by FXhome: Music (Vad

A sort of optimistic fellow by @Brickmaster Studio

Perennial - THAC XIX

Perennial - THAC XIX @panoramicc

My vote goes to My Personal Apocalypse by @Hudson Ludy

The Confounding Case of the Indescribable Thief - (THAC XIX) by @Bros with da Legos

A Sort of Optimistic Fellow


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