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Ima go with Indestructible man ll by @Bros with da Legos

I vote for aftermath.

Some new films

Mandalorian: The Rescue Trailer 2
This is the second trailer for my upcoming Mandalorian: The Rescue stop Motion. I am 75% done with the the movie. Hope you guys enjoy it.

If NINJAGO was a cooking show (LEGO Brickfilm)
England 4 contestants, 4 judges, 1 winner... French 4 concurrents, 4 juges, 1 gagnant... A plus. See you

Western Privilege • LEGO Short Film
@Brickmaster Studio
Enjoy my very first western film! Thanks to Aberaham Sarver for his awesome voice talent! Camera: Canon t2i Animation software: Dragonframe Editing software: Adobe After Effects secondary channel: Co

#Brickfilm #BricksInMotion #AnimationChallange Feat. Popelmonfight Music made by me Made for the Bricks in Motion animation challange

Tackle | Animation Challenge
Bro have I seriously done 22 of these now? - BricksInMotion - - Music Used - - Social Media - Discord: Patreon: Instagram: Brick à Brack: Twitter: #minideliciouspant #brickfilm #lego This lego st

X Fighters! S3 "Chaos Shadows" Episode 5 - Stronger Than Ever
Wishing to lighten the mood, Jay finally makes advances on the almost-rehabilitated Nya. In a timely effort to reach his goals, Garmadon also goes on the move and properly confronts Team Shinobi. Ninj

A Gentleman's Absolution
it does not get more pretentious than this also is it really a brickfilm when 80% of it is not even stop motion

Western privilege by @Brickmaster Studio

Western Privelege without a doubt.

Has to be Western Privilege, great work!

A bit late, but here the list, let's vote!

Hero's hide in Plain Sight
@Bailey Richards
My own super hero, makes his first appearance! You never know where a superhero could be! If video doesn't work, pls mention in comments, thanks!

Prisoners, Mechs, Bananas, Oh My.
I got requested to make something based on a couple comments, so two weeks later here it is! I hope you like it! That title is cringe

lego man steps on a lego (stop motion)
@obi-wan productions
a lego man steps on a lego piece see what happens next

Nice to see beginner animators making the brickfilm of the week!
I’m giving my vote to Lego man steps on a Lego by @obi-an productions!
Awesome brickfilm and hilarious storyline!

I vote for Prisoners, Mechs, Bananas, Oh My.


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