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Johnny Thunder & The Heart of Faber's Peak [BRAWL 2021]
@JO Co

Let's vote again

Peter wants to make a fire! Made for Bricks in Motion Animation challange.

THE BOX - Indestructible Man II - (BRAWL 2021)
@Bros with da Legos
Indestructible Man is trapped in a box. How did he get there, and will he return to the life beyond? A brickfilm made in under a week for BRAWL 2021.

Extinguishing a Fire | Animation Challenge
It's back! BRAWL is over and the Animation Challenges begin again! - BricksInMotion - - Music Used - - Social Media - Discord: Patreon: Instagram: Brick à Brack: Twitter: #minideliciouspant #brick

You're the Man!! Since when meme #Ninjago #LEGO
You're the Man !! Since when meme Portraded in Ninjago by Nya and Jay

@Bricks & Pieces
Made in one week for BRAWL in collaboration with AJF Studios: A squad of soldiers travel across the desolated aftermath of a battlefield in this war short film. Instagram: Twitter: Second Channel:

Indestructible man ll by @Bros with da Legos

I vote for Aftermath by Bricks & Pieces

I will vote for AFTERMATH (BRAWL 2021) by @Bricks & Pieces.

aftermath. bp animations

The box indestructible man II by bros with da legos.

Ooooh it's a tough one, but I'll have to go for THE BOX - Indestructible Man II - (BRAWL 2021)
By @Bros with da Legos

aftermath, bp animation


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