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New week, new films:

Lego Aquaman Returns
@Jordys Bricks
Hey guys here is my new Lego film - Lego Aquaman Returns! I am a huge fan of Aquaman; so I decided to make an original Lego Aquaman film! This brickfilm follows the adventures of Aquaman as he must re

An Open Door
(LEGO stop Motion) A short film based on Luke 5-8. Created for BCStrike Production’s Bricks In The Bible contest () #BCStrike50subs

The Citizen of the Year: Exposed || LEGO Stop Motion Animation (Septemberfest 2020 entry)
This was an entry to Septemberfest 2020: Links to channels from the credits: Slotborg: Blandeer: Zippy Doo Dah: Squidtastic Videos: Spudson: Squash: WatsonFilms: Stop motion animation LEGO brickfilm

Lego Among Us - The Impostor's Game
@brick fun park
Among Us game but in LEGO. This time the impostor is very clever! No one can find out who he is. Can you?😁

Happy Birthday Ben!!! | LEGO E-Card | 20thCenturyBricksStudios Request
20thCenturyBricksStudios asked me to make a birthday video for his friend(Ben) and here it is! Happy 12th birthday Ben!!! Hope you have a great day!!! God bless!

Schulstress bewältigen leicht gemacht!
Fred is a nice classmate, who shows you, how to handle stress at school in a decent way! Watch him and have fun! English subtitles aviable!

Catch & Release (Matt Simons) Acoustic Cover by Bianca Ortner (Brickfilm Montage)
I shot this brick film for the birthday of the musician Bianca Ortner! Thank you very much for giving Bianca permission to release this brickfilm! : D. Catch & Release (Matt Simons) acoustic cover by

Lego Zombie Invasion
In this action-packed Lego Zombie Invasion stop motion animation a group of people face Zombies in a house.

100 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!!! A little late😁
100 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!! Its a little late😁 hey guys, it’s a little late guys you know I’ve already got 140 subscribers but here it is my 100 subscriber special! I am still working on the LEGO Supe

LEGO SCP Foundation: Containment Lockdown
A lego brickfilm stop-motion about the SCP Foundation, a secret group that is entrusted by several goverments around the world who contain and study various anomalous individuals, entities, locations,

Lego Among Us - The Impostor's Game

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I vote for this amazing bf : Lego Among Us - The Impostor's Game
@brick fun park

An Open Door by @JuiceBoxStudios amazing film he made for my contest!!!

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I vote 4 "Schulstress bewältigen leicht gemacht!" from AoW-Gamer

I vote for Lego Among Us - The imposters game

Another vote!

First lego stop motion cut me slack!!!
This is my first stopmotion to see what i need to improve on

Brick in the Bible WINNERS!!!!!! See description for winners
The Bricks in the Bible WINNERS!!!! some great entries, and so here are the winners!!! 👇SUBSCRIBE TO THESE AWESOME CHANNELS!!!!!👇 Juiceboxstudios - MB Studios - BRIKFANZ - Seth Rodriguez Studios -

LEGO Deadpool & Ant-Man (Brickfilm 2020)
@Atlas Animationz
LEGO Deadpool and Ant-Man is a brickfilm released in 2020, that expands the LEGO Marvel Universe series, in which Deadpool is on a mission to rescue his friend Bob. He enlists the help of Ant-Man, and

LEGO App Man Episode 6
2/4 - The Raid App Man infiltrates the experimental facility run by a nefarious Doctor Al Fonzane, in a bid to rescue the hostages and uncover the mysteries behind Fonzane's evil organisation. After

When everyone knows the answer...
A little idea I had for the "Challenge - The biggest school trouble"...

Was vergessen?
The biggest trouble for a teacher could be ... this. Created for the brick-a-brack contest "the biggest school trouble" in half a day. It has german speech, but subtitles.

Entry for "The Biggest School Trouble"
Entry for "The biggest school trouble!" challenge!

Can I vote for my own?

@ShahriarCan I vote for my own?

The real question would be, shall you?
Also, voting for "LEGO App Man Episode 6" for some cool stylistic work and sound choices.


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