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I vote for The Lego News: Head-Walking Trend

The Lego News: Head-Walking Trend!

@GabyTales StudiosI vote for "Spaceman Costa Series 1 Episode 1"

Thanks for the vote bud.

New week, new vote! This time, due to a technical error we had to fix, the films of this and last week!

Video games make people violent
That's well known... especially Counter-strike.

Mampf Mampf
Two monsters symmetrically eat their popcorn together like real friends / buddies. Unfortunately, the symmetry separates when a popcorn is left over! Can you still share it symmetrically in the end? T

Neighborhood War
One house, two bitterly fighting families. Deeply torn apart, they try to get the other away with whatever means they have... Created for the Steinerei Brickfilm Festival:

Linus The Human Turkey
One day, a man wakes up and decides he is a turkey, a human one. Destruction and Chaos unfolds over the city of Los Angeles while the LAPD try to stop this Human Turkey. == Our Cast == LegoSolgeFilms

The Box Of Red
Summary: The main character sees three store windows that are part of a festival with unicolor statues, but one is empty. A box arrives at the door with a red apple. By touching the red apple, slowly

symmetry breaking
On a desperate search for a pack of toilet paper, Otto notices a mysterious gentleman who follows him wherever he goes. After a few unsuccessful attempts to shake off the man, the truth dawned upon hi

Jurassic World meets Steinerei
It is Steinerei. This T-Rex says it in its special way...

L.A.M.P.E. 3
Steinerei 2020: Winner of "Best Cinematography". Nominated for "Best Voice Actors". Behold! The mighty superhero team Lampe strikes back! Today they have to fight a new villain. The Rotator wants the

Darth Plagueis Episode 1
THE COMPLETE VERSION IS STILL IN PROGRESS THE LINK ONLY REFERS TO THE LATEST CHAPTER A light adaptation of the novel Darth Plagueis by James Luceno, divided into 3 parts. This is episode 1 "Deception

Galactic Smugglers Episode 10: Dungeons and Dragons
Captain Dude's life is on the line as he faces certain death in a virtual reality game.

Cage the Elephant - Social Cues IN LEGO
@James Cawood
After conceptualising, animating and editing for nearly 14 months, my take on Cage the Elephant's brilliant 'Social Cues' track is finally here!

Galactic Smugglers Episode 10: Dungeons and Dragons

Oooh a tough week, but I'm going for Cage the Elephant - Social Cues IN LEGO

Man, this is tough. On most other weeks, either The Box of Red or Galactic Smugglers Episode 10 would have had my vote, but I'm going with Neighborhood War by @Yetgo.

And me, for.. Well, for @thefourmonkeys.

Darth Plagueis Episode 1
It's amazing work

A lot of films this week!

Lego Preservatives in a Can Infomercial - #BRAWL2020 entry
@Bros with da Legos
This new product can preserve your food! Just don't eat that food. A Lego animation made in under one week for BRAWL 2020. We didn't have time to add music or color correction, but we hope you'll like

LEGO Stargate Atlantis: Ronon’s Gun
This is my first LEGO Stargate Atlantis stop motion movie. It features Ronon Dex and John Sheppard in the gun range from Season 2. Sheppard is showing Ronon the fire power at their disposal. For more

City of Kings (Failed BRAWL 2020)
@Brick Block Animations
Well here is something. I entered BRAWL again this year. This is the film. Special thank you to the voice actors: Jay Silver: dewfilms: LOTW Studios:

BRAWL 2020 - Hibernate
A man goes into hibernation after completing one last mission

dream sequence
its a dream, how much more weird can they get.

LORE - - BRAWL 2020
@GUATEMAX Animations
Dslr natural light test and 2d animation integration in this small dark story

LEGO Tyler Rake 2 (Short Action Fan Film)
Une revente d'armes à lieu dans un appartement à Chicago, Tyler Rake est bien entendu au courant et il risque d'y avoir quelques petits imprévus pour ces gangster...

Cosmic Chore | A #QuarantineDaze Animation
@Formal Lens
Just a spaceman mowing a space-lawn in space.

Johnny Thunder and the Packet of Crisps | A BRAWL 2020 Film
@Formal Lens
Another thrilling adventure for Johnny Thunder and Baron Von Baron!

@2x4 Productions
Scrap the robot fell down a trash chute, and must now protect a sacred flower from the dangers of the waugies. The music

The Insane World of Tim & Josh: "A Frozen GrandFather" (BRAWL 2020)
@GabyTales Studios
Created in exactly 7 days (One Week) for the anual BRAWL 2020 BRICKS IN MOTION contest. The theme was "Preservation" (DESCRIPTION) Tim buys a Cryo-Chamber to preserve their Grandfather's body for cent

Star Wars Eclipse VIII: The Stars Are Gone
The Resistance team of Tek Acheron still searches for the First Order. But they have a new destination: The Eclipse, a giant battleship, floats in space, left alone.

Loop TV - BRAWL 2020
My entry to BRAWL 2020! In an attempt to remodel a TV network, Hank Hankson, the newly appointed CEO wants to cancel the network’s most popular original series. To avoid the show’s cancellation, he is

@Joshua Nelson
Made in a week for BRAWL 2020 Plastic Love: Bricksinmotion:

Lego Ninjago: Prime Empire Panic (BRAWL 2020)
The extensive digital world of Prime Empire leaves Jay, Kai, and Lloyd mesmerized ... and utterly frustrated by the ridiculous amounts of bureaucratic red tape that it really takes to win one of the c

Incantation - BRAWL 2020
One villager died. So the villagers try to remember him so he will live forever in their minds. But there is another one who has another opinion about Preservation.

One Day in the life of a Minifig : Elisa
One Perfect day in the life of Elisa, a normal Citizen Of Lego city, This brickfilm is for The BàB 8x8x8 Contest

10 Years
A Lego brick film stop-motion I made. This time it's indeed something different. In order to celebrate my 10 year-Youtube carrier. I've decided to do an Q&A, which I wanted to do when I hit 100K subs

The Photographer (BRAWL 2020)
@Amari Studios
A photographer protects his flower patch from a reckless driver.

conveyance BRAWL 2020
@Panoramic Studios
A young man who after having an accident now has strange abilities and is on the run to stay alive from dangerous people while dealing with personal problems. Made for Bricks in Motion BRAWL 2020. WA

Age of Amber (BRAWL 2020)
@JO Co
The tale of a fly trapped in amber for millennia. Made as an entry for Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long (BRAWL) 2020, hosted by Bricks In Motion. This year's theme was Preservation, with mod elements b


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