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It is time to vote for the best brickfilm published in November !

You have until December 31, 2017 to vote, so you have left:


Only vote for a singlebrickfilm that was published in November 2017. Don't vote for yourself. Eligible videos are presented below. Messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay here is the list of Brickfilms of the month of November:

Star Blazers Theme in LEGO
We recreated the 1977 Star Blazers theme using LEGO.The Argo (Yamato) MOC was created by MOCpages user Mark Rodrigues.

Lego Walking Cycle Tutorial
@JustBrix BG
Hello guys I'm JustBrix and today I'm gonna show how to make basic walk cycles.

Lego Secret Mission
@JustBrix BG
Agent 007 has to steal the Gold from the enemies. Will he succeed?

Unbridled Mischief
A snake-oil Salesman swindles away a hapless traveler's trusty horse!

A Crazy Day
When things get weird, things get WEIRD.

Target Earth
The story began when humans learnt how to control fire. The first of them arrived then. In the beginning, humans treated them as gods but in time for reasons unknown they disappeared, or so we thought

LEGO Black Friday Scuffle
@NYAJ Frame-ations
When the Wizard Pro 2000+ Blender goes on sale for the first 50 customers in the store on Black Friday, everyone hurries to wait many days in line, just to be the first 50. Little do two LEGO men know

Star Wars Battlefront: Hero'd
@The Tenacious Brick
When playing Star Wars Battlefront, keep an eye out for those pesky heroes!

civil war
support me on my channel

Zombie apocalypse
Support me on youtube on Legomination Like,subscribe and stay awesome

Trapped in Sin
We are all trapped in sin. We need someone to save us. Someone to set our weary souls free. WARNING CONTAINS SCARY SCENES NOT FOR CHILDREN.Voice actingthe2awesomeguys.Thanks toFilmDude for help with V

Trying Something New
Some tests and projetsfeaturing my own musics

Barry's Show
@Sir Snorlax
Barry's Show is about a man named Barry who has his own show.But things get weird when his friend Pete comes over and starts talking about some strange thing called a "Script".

Dog 4
Dog is back!

My Unluckyish Life- Episode 3: Spooky Time
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
Here's an extra treat for everyone after their Halloween endeavors! Alex and Percy a having a nice conversation in the park about whether Fall or Winter is the best season. Who wins the debate? The My

This is a (r)Evolution
For the first time Brick à Brack is available in French and in English.

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I vote for Unbridled Mischief.

@AiwhaI vote for Unbridled Mischief.

I vote for Unbridled Mischief too

My vote goes to Unbridled Mischief: A LEGO Western Film by @Pongowl

I vote for Unbridled Mischief: A LEGO Western Film by @Pongowl

How do you vote?

@Yummy-Burrito-StudiosHow do you vote?

You just have to say what brickfilm you prefer here

Gonna vote for Unbridled Mischief: A LEGO Western Film by @Pongowl, but Dog 4 by Weasel is a darn close second for me

Unbridled Mischief FTW!

Unbridled Mischief all the way. Go Pongowl! Get him to 300 subs!


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