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What’s a Brick à Brack Challenge ?

A challenge is a short 2 to 3 week contest that allows members to test their technical abilities. For example, if the current challenge theme is Animation, members can create videos to show their best animation possible. The goal is to create quality animation based on the theme, without worrying too much about the other technical aspects (sound, story, script, etc.)

Rules - Animation Challenge :

Hello world!
Here are the rules of the Brick à Brack Animation Challenges.

I - What is the Animation Challenge?

To participate, you must make a brickfilm related to the theme given by BoB (or a moderator), focusing on the animation. Post your video in the thread dedicated to the current challenge using <video> tags.
At the end of the contests, the judges will choose the video with the best animation and the winner will receive an incredible prize!

II - The Rules!

- Make a brickfilm, based on the challenge theme, focusing on the quality of animation.

- Visible rigs are allowed.. as long as they can be masked in post

- Post constructive comments on the entries (if you can). Say what you like, what you don't like, points to improve, improvements, etc. Be polite and helpful!

- When you reply, please do not quote comments with previous videos (it takes up lots of space - BoB doesn't like it!)

Thank you for your understanding!

Wait ... An Incredible Prize?

For all Brick à Brack’s Challenges, the winner wins a Lego Minifigure!
There's one for the English-speaking winner and one for the French-speaking winner. The only condition is that there are, at least, two entries per challenge. And if you don't win, never fear! More challenges to come!

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