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Hi ! New month, new vote! Let's gooo!

X Fighters! Eye of the Dragon
Shortly after the downfall of X Fighters, an organization responsible for eradicating all evil across the universe with the help of many teams of capable fighters, Team Impact, located on Earth, recei

Entrapped (BRAWL 2019)
@Brick Block Animations
Hi everyone! This is my entry to BRAWL 2019 over on It was a pleasure to take part in and I'm honored for this year to have been my first time. EDIT: Unfortunately I was disqualifi

Doc of the Dead Trailer!
@Future Past Productions
For BRAWL 2019 this year Bricks and Pieces Animation, James Cawood and I teamed up once again to create our entry, which this video is the trailer for! You can check out the full video here: Music: F

BRAWL 2019: Animals vs. PETA 2 Ethical Boogaloo
Made in under a week for BRAWL 2019. Voice talent: Layne the dog: Orion: Squidtastic videos: Music used: Some stuff by Kevin MacLeod, IDK This really cool cover: And eye of the tiger, which YouTube w

Avalanche - BRAWL 2019
@Goblin Animations
This video was made for BricksInMotion's BRAWL (Brickfilming Rapidly All Week Long) 2019. This year my entry is about an escaped convict who finds himself trapped in a peculiar cave.   MUSIC  - Dreami

LEGO Batman VS Zombie
This is a TEST. Tried a few different angles but the main goal was to achieve the technique of "Masking". It's my first time trying that and I think I did a good job. Obviously didn't turn exactly how

Into The Black Hole
Join us on this exciting adventure as planet LEGO sends an astronaut into a black hole. He finds a new friend and learns many things. When he tries to re-enter the LEGO planet he realizes that he is t

Duality of Belt - {BRAWL 2019}
All BRAWL 2019 Entries Made for BRAWL 11 - 2019 Filmed and edited by Blandeer Title Card by Zink the First Music: Henry Mancini - The Part [Instrumental]

Insomnia (BRAWL 2019)
@Joshua Nelson
The night never ends as a boy finds himself trapped in a world where he can't sleep and everyone around him can't wake up.

Simulacrum | BRAWL 2019 Entry
@Formal Lens
An image or representation of someone or something. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was a busy week. For my second BRAW

Lego-Comedy: "Internet-Research" / The blocky Guide to Parenting
@golego animation
How deep is the web? Dig the hole with Daddy & Son checking stuff for german lesson. this is the english version of "Recherche - Der kleine eckige Erziehungsratgeber". watch the german version here:

The Undead Bricks Episode 2 - Leftover [LEGO]
Kenny has revealed to Travis that he owns an RV. Searching for it, they find themselves into trouble. Will they avoid it? Or will they deal with it?

LEGO Robot Boxing Training | Random Animation #2
Did you ever wonder how a robot prepares for a boxing match? Neither did I.

LEGO Spider-Man: Bad Timing
Sometimes even a hero doesn't get a warm welcome. Credits Captain Marvel, Okoye & Scarlet Witch (Sinéad Doyle) Spider-Man (Joseph Orr) For more videos, news and behind the scenes photos check us out o

LEGO PROCRASTINATION: A Very Short Short (2019 Brickworld Chicago international film festival submission)
@GUATEMAX Animations
Will you let everything pass by until the day it is due? Find out the consequences of Procrastination alongside Josh, who still needs to finish his college essay! Latino Spanish version will soon be a

Greatest Lego Haircut!
After an intense workout a man goes on a journey to find the ultimate haircut! Will he find what he is looking for or be greatly disappointing!? Made for the Brick a Brack challenge: Having a Haircut

"Skeletor's New Weapon" | Mega Bloks Construx | Masters of the Universe | LEGO | MOTU
Random Animation #3 Skeletor tests out a devastating new weapon for his unending battle with He-Man to conquer Castle Grayskull. A stop motion animation brickfilm created with LEGO, Mega Bloks, and M

Clutch Powers REBUILT: Spaceship Scene
@Brick Block Animations
Hey everyone! This is my contribution to the community project Clutch Powers REBUILT!

No ones ever really gone.
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Premiering tomorrow! No ones ever really gone...unfortunately this also applies to you know who.

Toy Story Wars
Andy's room is not big enough for both Woody and Buzz. They decide to settle it once and for all.

{LEGO FNaF Short} FNaF VR Song Parasite by DAGames.
@Ryan Roy
Hey everyone! I got a larger upload for you all this time around, just over forty seconds. I will try to make a few more shorts such as this one while the full animations are being worked on. I did th

Avengers: Endgame For Dummies
Whatever it takes Cast Gold Brick Productions Awesomepants Films IsaacTheAnimator ThatSarcasticGuy LainieMaytions Goblin Animations SuitedNinjaNerd Frame5 Studios Squidtastic Videos Discord: Twitter:

Hair Cut
Monthly Challenge June 2019

LEGO Star Wars: The Ultimate Saga OFFICIAL
Hey everyone here is my new Lego film - LEGO Star Wars: The Ultimate Saga! I love the Star Wars films and so I made this brickfilm to pay tribute to the complete star wars saga! Make sure to subscribe

Don't Piss Off Luke Skywalker
Don't Piss Off Luke Skywalker | Subscribe and like for more content | Discord: | Instagram: MelhorarProductions | #Lego #Stopmotion #legostopmotion #Legoanimation

LEGO-Comedy: "RECHERCHE" - Der kleine (eckige) Erziehungsratgeber
@golego animation
**** extra english voice version coming soon ***** please use captions in english - voices are german. **** this is my entry to german brickfilmfestival STEINEREI. it is awarded with "best stop-motion

The Hair Cut | Brick a Brack Challenge
As an unfortunate Lego man goes for a hair cut, he realises how painful this hair cut actually is... This is an entry to Brick a Brack's 'Hair Cut' challenge. Brick a Brack: Instagram: minideliciousp

Beard Trim
@JO Co
Entry for Brick À Brack Challenge#6 - Having a haircut Clip taken from Return to the Egyptian Temple, full video:

Highway To Heaven [Steinerei 2019]
Don't forget to turn on English subtitles! What happens after you die? Many people ask themselves this question. But when the heavenly messenger stands at the door, who wouldn't want to find out? The

LEGO WW2 D-DAY NORMANDY (Omaha Beach) - stop motion animation
6 June 1944: D-Day, Operation Overlord. The US troops invade Normandy. This film depicts what happened on Omaha Beach that day.

LEGO Nightwing VS The Winter Soldier
@Future Past Productions
This was originally just supposed to be a quick test with my Logitech webcam after I changed some settings, but I figured since I have't uploaded on this channel in a while I'd just clean it up a bit

The Brick Mirage 3: Levitation
The Brick Mirage 3 is here, with a bit of a change... Levitation! Enjoy this satisfying brickfilm made by minideliciouspant! Please check out my friend Cactus Spike, wish him a Happy Birthday and subs

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR | Subscribe and like for more content | Discord: | Instagram: MelhorarProductions | #Lego #Stopmotion #legostopmotion #Legoanimation

More Rhymin' ( LEGO MF DOOM)
The Boots man has taken up Brickfilming. I am very new to this and decided to creating something while I hone my skills. This first is the first in a series of Brick Film "Lyric" Videos from my favori

Sweet and Sour fish
This is my film for STEINEREI 2019, german brickfilmfestival. winning best set design. The theme of Steinerei 2019 was „Butter bei die Fische“ (Butter with the fish). A north German phrase for „Put up

Wave of Brickfilms 2019 has started! (STILL OPEN TO REGISTER)
Grab those cameras, and get that Lego! Because Wave of Brickfilms 2019 has officially started! If you want to enter, please register and see the rules in the contest video: Time left to make your vid

Lego Duplo 10910 Submarine Adventure - Лего Дупло 10910 Путешествие субмарины. Строим из Lego Duplo
@Bricks Toys TV
Lego Duplo 10910 Submarine Adventure - Лего Дупло 10910 Путешествие субмарины. Строим из Lego Duplo. Лего Дупло анимация. Lego Duplo movie. 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: 🎬 Video for kids,

Wave of Brickfilms: Round 1 (2019)
Welcome, brickfilmers. To the Wave of Brickfilms contest! To participate, please email me at or join my discord server here After doing so, I shall send through an email s

The Rescue - Steinerei 2019 (English)
My contribution to the Steinerei 2019, a german brickfilm festical, and winner of "Best film by a newcomer" as well as "best camera". An agent tries to rescue his captured comrade, but what does a sh

Butter bei die Umwelt (Steinerei 2019+ Cinebrick 2019)
Enjoy my newest Lego movie! This animation participated at Steinerei 2019 (Top 3 best camera) and Cinebrick 2019(Best under 16)!

Fishy Falballa - Steinerei 2019
This is my entry for the Steinerei 2019 in Husum. Fishy Falballa is a mermaid, who just wants one thing: The love of her life! Fortunately, Erratus Maximus is coming her way. As they meet, Fishy falls

Donkey Kong kidnapped Elsa
Donkey Kong falls is love with Elsa and tries to win her heart by kidnapping... Lets see how that goes.

Steinerei 2019 /// L.A.M.P.E. - lustige Action mit perfekten Effekten 2
Jetzt aber mal Butter bei die Fische: Panik-Man (Reflex-Man), Ironie-Man (nicht Ironie-Man), Reflex-Man (der Echte) und Ed (Reflex-Man (Panik-Man)) suchen nach dem Mercator (dem Echten). BEUNRUHIGENDE

The Who Live at Bricktown
@Bricktown Films
The Who Live at Bricktown Let’s go see The Who Live (with today’s guitars) at Bricktown. How well will they play? You will find out, and I have a little surprise at the end All music by The Who Outli

The Tale Of Sir Frederick The Mediocre
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Premiers on June 8th, An Epic tale of...stuff. If you enjoyed this video you should give it a like, and also comment and subscribe.

Minideliciouspant Demo Reel 2019 (January-June)
Welcome all! To the first demo reel of the year! Twice a year I will be uploading demo reels of my content from the last 6 months. I hope to see you for the premiere! Enjoy! Twitter: Instagram: minid

Avengers Endgame: "I am Iron Man"
OI! If you haven't watched Endgame get outta here! (unless you don't care about spoilers) This is the final battle, final-final battle of Avengers Endgame! Captain Marvel gets beaten by Thanos, Thanos

A Nightmare on Brick Street
Freddy Krueger is back! The residents of Brick Street better lock their doors!

Ace Brickman Ep. 2 "The Promises We Keep"
Picking-up right after Episode 1, Ace finds himself confronting his past, and his promises.

Lego Animation Challenge - Carry a Weight
A short animation for the "Carry a Weight" challenge on Brick a Brack. Music used "Wagon Wheel" and "Cephalopod" By SFX from

Lego Pet Shop Escape
@Half Bricked
Pet shops are tons of fun, but maybe not when all the animals escape! hope everyone enjoys! remember to like, comment and subscribe! sorry about the poor audio, new equipment soon!

The Bat-Man! Episode 1 - The Axeman's Jazz
@Dylan Johnson
Bob Kane's original character from the 1930's returns! Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures, right here...

The Aventures Of Jerry Episode 2 First look! (By Travis)
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
The Animation in this video is by Travis, I (Aidan) just edited it. you all probably know about my (Aidans) current big project: The Wizard Part 2. But we have not said much about Travi's current big

The Rescue and PROCRASTINATION: A Very Short Short were very close in my book. But I think my vote ultimately goes to PROCRASTINATION by @GUATEMAX Animations. I just love her style so much, and it was packed full of truth too.

Very big selection of films this week! Thanks to the BRAWL.

My vote is for LEGO-Comedy: "RECHERCHE" - Der kleine (eckige) Erziehungsratgeber

@BlandeerVery big selection of films this week! Thanks to the BRAWL.

do not forget the Steinerei!
The choice is not easy.
I vote for RECHERCHE from Golego.

Dernière édition par Baschi (05/07/2019 à 01h54).

Ugh, I reeeally liked Procrastination, but my vote goes to Ace Brickman Ep. 2 by @Locker_74_Productions, for compelling characters, fantastic lighting and animation, and intriguing story.

GUATEMAX AnimationsCe message a été effacé par son auteur (Motif : None).

@GUATEMAX AnimationsMy gosh! First time I see my video in a voting poll! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to vote for mine but.... I vote mine! Huehuehue!
I still love @minideliciouspant hair cut one thou! Very funny!

Hahaha thanks dude! Sadly, you can't vote for your own...
I vote for Doc of the Dead trailer!

Thanks for the info @minideliciouspant . Then I vote yours, the hair cut challenge one!

Dernière édition par GUATEMAX Animations (08/07/2019 à 02h28).

@GUATEMAX Animations thanks so much



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