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I vote for Catilina Sergiev #10 The Deep Mountain by @Brickstorming

@AwesomepantsFilmsI vot 4 shrek

oh nonono

I vote for A Horse Love Story @Grimmona

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Let's vote!

Pizza Monster Pt2 - Lego Stop Motion Animation
@AMC - Brickfilms
Who you gonna call! The chase is on in part 2 of Pizza Monster our lego stop motion animation. Parts 1 & 2 currently showing at the Modus exhibition in Gallery North at Northumbria University until 31

[E dub GER sub][Brickfilm] BRICK CITY!!!! -A Lego YouTuber Parody
A Lego YouTuber Parody Please tell me if you like this one more or less than the last one. It's really important to me! English and German subtitle are made by me. (first time i'm doing this so please

Tenuous - Episode I:The Call (Official Trailer)
@Loponcio Films
Trailer for the first episode of my upcoming NEW series called "Tenuous". Episode 1 coming on October 17th

What I've Been Making.
Here is a few clips to show what I have been doing in my absence from YouTube... Hope you enjoy! Instagram: minideliciouspant Support me: #lego #brickfilm #minideliciouspant

A Moment in Life (A Lego Brickfilm Love story)
A love story about a hard working man and a chance meeting.

Pablo Answers the Telephone
I spent more time on this one than I did on the others combined... I think.

Taking the Hobbits to Isengard but its LEGO
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Anyone remember "Taking The Hobbits to Isengard"? This is Travis' version of this meme. Please don't unsub because of this

Welcome to Darkmoor
A woman seeking only a night's rest stops to visit a mysterious town hidden away in the English countryside, unaware of what horrors await within.

Die Weisheit des Universums
Combine the scroll of trith with a fortune-cookie challenge and an actual wisdom from Shakespeare and you'll probably get this: ... Well you actually get this:

Dernière édition par Yetgo (12/10/2019 à 12h50).

How can I not vote for Welcome To Darkmoor?

Welcome to Darkmoor by Squid

Some nice films here. In the end, I vote for
A Moment in Life by @nearyfilums
for its wonderful storytelling and images.

My vote must go to Welcome to Darkmoor.


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