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Welcome to Darkmoor

A woman seeking only a night's rest stops to visit a mysterious town hidden away in the English countryside, unaware of what horrors await within.

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SquidCréateur du projet

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This is incredible! Fantastic job!
The atmosphere, the terror, the animation, the set design, ahh all so good.
Sure to be remembered as a classic.

One of the greatest brickfilms of all time. Phenomenal job.

Possibly one of the best brickfilms of all time. It will ever be a classic!

Really great Brickfilm, good job !

Absolutely awesome work!

Woaw amazing setup and light and poetry and animation and all, this deserves all a graveyard's flowers
(please don't steal flowers from graveyards though, it is a very uncivilized act of disrespect and probably illegal on most of Earth)


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