LEGO Hazard | Brick à Brack

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LEGO Hazard

I hope you enjoy this film I made.
Thank you and have a nice day!

Equipe de réalisation
BlandeerCréateur du projet
Brick Block AnimationsDoubleur (Fisherman's Announcer)

Brick à Brack (1)Bricks In Motion (1)

A bit strange, what makes it even more enjoyable!
Some of the animation is really cool, like the car destructing itself. Also, I like the camera movements. Sometimes, the animation is a bit sticky and the camera shakes a bit, but it somehow contributes to the tone of the film. Same goes to the lack of some sound effects, it isn't really that bad because the colour palet as well as the sound always in the background reminding me of a projector, makes the film seem like one of those old silent/early sound films. And that makes it very charming to me!

Also, that logo in the beginning is amazing!


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