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Donkey Kong kidnapped Elsa

Donkey Kong falls is love with Elsa and tries to win her heart by kidnapping... Lets see how that goes.

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kreimkoukCréateur du projet

Wow, that is nice animation for the big figure! Did you build it yourself?
Reminds me a bit of King Kong (the 1933 one). Nice, how you managed to put a lot of references into the film, although that was a bit confusing first!
Also, for the little story it is it's a great funny one, with a nice ending.
Only thing that bothers me a bit is the soundtrack, maybe the rooftop-moment could have had something a bit more minumental or in the opposite direction, just the wind to show the danger of the hight and the power of Kong. Still, what you used is also okay.
All in all, nice little entertaining film!

I like DK games and I really like your brickfilm! You built DK very well and the brickfilm was funny too. The building was also very nice, but I would suggest you to built the entire scene out of Lego, so that you can't see the table. Keep it up!


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