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LEGO Minecraft - The Pirate Ship Stop Motion Animation Movies Compilation!

Recently, BàB members @chris_gbp, @SuitedNinjaNerd Studios, @dudebrick, @Locker_74_Productions, @Yetgo, and @NoahSpragueStudios were tasked by the LEGO Minecraft team to develop brickfilms to promote the 2019 Minecraft set wave. This compilation includes a selection of this brickfilms, created by Trevor, Jared, and Chris.

From LEGO's YouTube Description: "A LEGO Minecraft 2019 The Pirate Ship Stop Motion Animation movie compilation video, inspired by The Pirate Ship LEGO Minecraft set."

Equipe de réalisation
Chris MajorCréateur du projet
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosRéalisateur
Jared JohnsonRéalisateur

Brick à Brack (10)Youtube (83)

Les comédie sont trop drôle IL n'y a rien qui me gène .La luminosité est bien à par le levé de soleil :il faudrait que tu insistes encore plus sur la duré et mets moins d'écart de luminosité.
Sinon continus comme ça

Nice job guys!

Well when it would have been "produced" it would be called a product, but for me this seems more like pure love put into three little brick videos made by three genius people

It's so cool to see BàB's brickfilms on the official LEGO channel! And the stop motion animations are very good! Keep it up!

this is so great cant what to see more!!!!

Bravo ! That was a blast !

Thank you guys! This was an awesome opportunity for BaB!

nice job. Lighting was probably my favorite part(aside from the animation)

AYEEEEE I'm in this!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity BaB!!!


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