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The Cleaners

Death is a messy business. Especially when you're the one dishing it out.

In this stop-motion homage to 1970s crime films, two hitmen race to clean up their latest job while searching for a piece of evidence that could threaten to unravel their entire operation. All while being tailed by a mysterious figure who shares an eerie interest in finding what they're looking for.

Equipe de réalisation
MindGameCréateur du projet
Nathan WellsRéalisateur
SquashDoubleur (Victim)
Jay SilverDoubleur (Voice)

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Wooow ! The pictures are very beautiful ! The lighting is awesome ! Good job !

Welcome to Brick a Brack! I'm surprized you just joined!

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Just Great!! Watched this so many times to see new things every time!! Loved the Behind the Scenes 2


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