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LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode 8

Lego Star Wars The clone wars Episode 8.

We continue our story where we left off episode 7. About halfway through the galactic battle known as the Clone Wars. General Obi wan Kenobi and General Plo koon attempt to free Jedi Master Kit fisto from the clutches of General Grevious.

The separatist army has full control over the planet and the only possible way for extraction is through a swift military operation before separatist reinforcements can arrive.

The Republic forces are desperate to save master Fisto. They have been stretched thin putting resources into saving master Fisto.

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music is by kevin macleod.
songs are Hot pursuit and Miami Nights.

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Nice, ... a long running series.. with quite a fanbase.. Good job!

Also liked the changes of focus on the shooters..

Thank you very much! @brickbroadcasting

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