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A Fallen Hero - Steinerei 2018 (English)

A rousing, slightly 'different' superhero movie ...
In this brickfilm a former hero is confronted with his past by a man who recognizes him.
Why did he stopped being a hero?
Find it out here! :)

Equipe de réalisation
YetgoCréateur du projet

Very original Brickfilm! With a good story! I like it!

Thank you very much!

Really love those larger figures, couldn't have been easy to animate.

@Formal Lens

Thank you very much!
It's sometimes a bit hard, but it's definitely worth it

The English was a bit stilted, but that was less important than the story, which touched upon many of the pressures that a "superhero" would have to deal with. Obviously a lot of effort went into this and it showed. Well done!

Thank you very much


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