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The Nightmare I Can't Escape (3D CGI Animation)

My brain tries to convince itself I don't actually exist. Animated completely in Blender 2.8!

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How many of y'all catch that end credits scene? 👀

Love this video, it’s something super fun and fresh in the YouTube animation scene

That was amazing animation! I subscribed!

When you make 3 videos over the course of 10 months and already have 5,000 subscribers:


Omg the loge animations was so good keep it up:))

dude...that blew my mind :o

I love this so much...the quality is amazing. ♥

Who remembers when Jay had 83 subscribers, it was from Alex Clarks video when I found him

A very unique style of animation! In a good way!

This is such a fresh and creative approach to the whole process of storytelling from the animation to the editing to the loose laid back dialogue recording. It feels derivative to call it "storytime" it's so much more. Great job, Jay


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