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Avengers Infinity War - Part 2 - Some new Avengers

Thor, Bruce Banner, Rocket and Groot are still on there way back to Earth from their last journey when they are shot down and crash...
Thanks to Brick Force Studios for about 2% of my video :D

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What is your guys FAVORITE scene?

another great movie! my favorite scene was at the part where rocket racoons ship was shot down! :)

My favorite scene was where rocket racoon's ship was shot down! :D

My favorite sence is when captain America killed that evil guy

I am sorry, but what happened?

Awesome!! I don't really have a favorite scene because they were all really cool! :)

Awesome! Also, ShaneWoodstudios said he can't take the prize, would you like to have it? You were 2nd place. :-)

Sweet! Your backgrounds are great

wow so nice

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