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Becoming an Avenger | LEGO Animation

One blissful Saturday afternoon, Hudson is confronted with the one and only Iron Man, asking for his help in defeating Thanos.
This film was made in a week for the Brick a Brack Brickfilmers Assemble contest. I had a really good time making this film, and if you stuck around through the post-credit sequence, you'll notice that the site has been taken over by Samuel L Jacksons. I'm now apart of the team over there, and I'd highly recommend it to any brickfilmer who wants to get their work in front of more eyes, and meet other cool people in the community.
I'm not really a marvel super-fan by any means, I mean, I like the films but, I'm not going to be emotionally affected by anything that happens in Endgame when I see it. But I understand the super-fans who have been on this journey for so many years, and are finally getting the well-deserved climax. Marvel is pretty cool.
Oreos are good.
#Sub2Pongowl #DontSpoilTheEndgame

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Hudson LudyCréateur du projet

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Every single joke works. (okay, censoring-sounds always get me)
I love it.

Amazing. I'm impressed. Great animation, great camera movement (although I'm not quite sure about the "hand cam" effect - still better done then almost everything I've seen before) and a very creative & funny story.
And the ending is great!

A brickfilm a little too short. It's fun, well animated, but the problem is the last part. I think this joke doesn't have much to do with the rest of the video. And that's too bad, because it's a video you're presenting at the contest, so doing a whole off-topic part, makes your participation less interesting. There are some good things as I said, the jokes are not bad and technically, it's done. but maybe I would have liked something more ambitious,


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