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Actus • Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Par Maxou44 et Brick Broadcasting (07/01/2019)

It's already 2019!

Happy New Year everybody! We hope this new year will be full of brickfilms! To start off 2019, let's recap the previous year ...

To start, we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Fall of 2018! Yes! 10 years! It's amazing how long we've all been together

In 2018 we organized a lot of contests, with some classics such as the 8x8x8 but also new contests such as the #SilentContest and the #FantasticBrickfilms.
We took a lot of risks by organizing the #SummerContest, which you apparently liked very much so a 2019 edition is already planned!

In 2018, we improved a lot of features on our website. We changed the organization of the news page to allow you to easily find articles, podcasts and news from outside Brick à Brack and/or other communities. We also added an community calendar with all the brickfilm events and contests! In total we published 76 articles this year, which is a huge amount! We would like to thank all those who made this possible!

We reworked our BàB Map to allow you to find brickfilmers around you and plan to go to a LEGO event together

The charismatic @Gwen Movies, @Volrog and @Nanomega at the Paris (France) exhibition

Our French side participated in a lot of events in France to promote the brickfilm. In 2018 there were as many exhibitions as 2017 and 2016 combined. Our English side is already discussing meetups and exhibitions, so we're hoping some of you will be able to come to BàB EN meetups!

To conclude, thanks everybody for this amazing year, we wil see you again... Soon!

Have a wonderful year,
The BàB staff


We are looking for motivated people to work with us in 2019. If you are interested and if you have free time, contact an administrator by private message.

All round good work chaps, here's to another great year!

Definitely this year will be great for my channel and the brickfilms that I plan to release.

Another great year completed! Some great films, y'all! I'm excited to see what you brickfilmers have up your sleeves for next year.

It was awesome joining last year, happy new year!


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