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Actus • Long live silent brickfilms!

Long live silent brickfilms!

Par Brickfield54 et Maxou44 (30/04/2018)

No time to get bored, after the 8th edition of #8x8x8, it is time to welcome a whole new contest ! A brand new concept from the twisted minds of your favorite staff!

Let's go for the... Silent contest!

The name means everything! You must make a silent brickfilm, in other words, without voices! The voice actors are on vacation!

It is also prohibited to use titles, intertitles or other subtitles, the only things allowed are: the title of your movie at the beginning and the credits at the end, post credits scene are not allowed.

You have until the June 17, 2018 (All timezones), to enter here:

The top 5 will have the honor of being rewarded with super prizes offered by our sweety partners!

It's time for you to brickfilm! May silence be with you!

→ Contest page

→ Detailed rules

Well, I'm out of business, as the prophet @Maxou44 foretold

But for real though, this is gonna be an awesome contest! I'll have to try something out

Dernière édition par chris_gbp (30/04/2018 à 18h00).

Cool contest! I reckon I'll give it a go, though, are SFX allowed?

Bring it on!

Awesome! I have a bad Microphone, soo this contest is PERFECT for me!

Fantastic! I'm for sure entering this. That Fishing Store is tantalizing...

I have one question, can we use grunts/other SFX for our characters?

IKR I really want it! My bro @Isaac The Animator is good at silent films, so it be good for him.

I think in mine the people will be Avoxes, like in the hunger games, but it'll be in first person and the guy that it will be in first person with will be def from birth, so it will be completely silent. It'll be like: "Hunger Games: Avox Revolt" Or something like that. Or it will be like a Laurel and Hardy spoof.

Is there a limit of the duration of our entry? (Minimum, Maximum)

So hyped for this! There's gonna be so many epic films made because of this contest... Hopefully I can pull off a nice entry too.


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