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Actus • What IF: the Middle Ages without a blacksmith

What IF: the Middle Ages without a blacksmith

Par Max_LG (15/02/2021)

It's been a long time since LEGO organized an official competition highlighting our common passion: brickfilm. The last one was the contest "Ninjago : Continue the Chase" on the defunct REBRICK platform in 2018. The closure of the site and the switch to LEGO Ideas had put an end to the brickfilms competitions for three years. An eternity for the AFOL world. LEGO had justified this absence by revealing their difficulties in managing both copyright issues (especially musical) and the organization of a competition. Balloon test or not, it is now official since February the 1st, a brickfilm contest is launched !

To support the marketing of the #21325 Medieval Blacksmith set, LEGO is asking fans to create a story about what the world of the Middle Ages could be like without a blacksmith. Many adventures are to be expected without this useful character. Apart from this constraint, nothing special is required. An interesting theme well understood by the company which opens wide possibilities on the theme of uchrony.

The competition started on February the 1st and closed on March 16th, 2021 i.e. :


At the end of this date, a jury composed of expert designers will have the hard task of choosing three winners among potentially hundreds of participants. (for information, "Continues the pursuit" had received 225 entries). The results will be posted on the LEGO Ideas platform on April 2nd.

To be certain of being selected as a candidate, it will be necessary to follow a number of rules. I list some of these rules here. To know the rest, click HERE.
  • Entries must not contain copies of or references to any existing third party works or creations or infringements of any intellectual property rights of third parties such as Ford.
  • Please use only figurines with a medieval theme and generic figurines that do not use any third party intellectual property.
  • You may use photo or video editing software and add visual effects to the photos of your entry.
  • Entries containing videos that are too dark or blurred will be removed from the contest.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age to enter and participate.
Entries will be deposited directly on the platform using a LEGO VIP member account.
The three winners will be very largely rewarded by a flood of LEGO boxes, some of which have long since been removed from stores.

Good news for the brickfilm world. The LEGO group is regaining interest in brickfilm. We will keep an eye on this new contest to announce the results in due time. The very large variety of brickfilms proposed on this occasion will for sure hide very beautiful creations placed in the medieval universe. Good luck to all our participants and enjoy your vacations to brickfilming!

→ See article Ninjago Continues the Chase

→ See the article on the history of the LEGO competitions (in french)

→ See the official page of the contest

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