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Actus • Journey around the World : a brickfilm collab

Journey around the World : a brickfilm collab

Par Max_LG (24/07/2020)

Since 2018, we had gotten you used to the intense summer contest with several contests testing your skills in script, storyboard, adaptation, animation or sound mixing. An innovative concept never proposed until now. But let's launch now in a new project: A summer collaboration....

As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, several airports will be blocked this summer. As a result, long journeys to unknown countries will not be possible this year for everyone. Why don't we offer to show our brickfilmer friends around the world while staying at home?

For this first experience of summer collaboration, we propose you to make a free creation of about 1 to 2 minutes in which you will illustrate your brickfilm on the theme of holidays around the world ! Do you want to retrace a memorable holiday memory, or present the tourist areas of your home country, or even something else? Go for it!

All entries will be presented on the Brick-à-Brack community website, as well as on the Brick-à-Brack social networks. Entries will be kept secret until the end of the event on September 6th:

06/09/2020 23:59

You will be allowed to tease your next brickfilms with a few shots or short sequences of a few seconds. But no more than 10 seconds

This is a true community event, participants in this event will have to declare their willingness to participate as soon as possible to coordinate the teams according to their holiday dates. To participate, you just have to send an email to @Yetgo or @Max_LG, or even via the email address

After contact by pm, you will receive more details about the organization of the event (link, date, and so on...).

The rules :

  • One participation per member, (maybe more depending on the number of participants and your free time) .
  • Your brickfilm should be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • The theme of your brickfilm should respect the theme of holidays and/or travel.
  • The content of your brickfilm must respect the customs of use (no exaggerated physical or verbal violence, no incitement to hatred, and so on...).
Anyway, we still have some nice surprises in store for you, the participants will be the first to enjoy them!

Also don't forget to have a look at our little summer photo contest by clicking HERE !

Finally, have a great summer and have fun!

→ See the summer contest - 2019

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I've been asked several questions privately on the subject. I would like to take this opportunity to share the answers with you.

  • Team work (several brickfilters on the same project) is allowed.
  • Several brickfilmeurs can choose to create a "team" (several independent brickfilms but telling a story example: "my trip part 1" = member A, "my trip part 2" = member B...)
  • Articulated figurines such as Bionicle are allowed.

I think we all need some more holidays...
Especially for making nice brickfilms!!


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