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Actus • The #Brickstars2019 are starting!

The #Brickstars2019 are starting!

Par Ozone Studios et Brickfield54 (08/12/2019)

Hear ye hear ye!

Can you hear the sound of the trumpets? They announce the return of something well known from Brick-à-Brack: the Brickstars!


If you're new, you may be wondering what this thing is. Well, the Brickstars2019 is a contest to reward the 10 best English-speaking brickfilms as well as the 10 best French-speaking brickfilms of the year 2019 !

Anyone can participate! You just need to have made a brickfilm this year!
The winners will be decided by a jury of which you can be a part! The problem: this job requires a certain class!

This means that to become a juror you will have to send us a small cover letter explaining how you will make a good judge! You can send it to @Gwen Movies, it'll give him an extra job!

We haven't mentioned the prizes yet, but of course, the top 10 will be highly rewarded!

So, come in large numbers! As participants or judges, we are waiting for you!
Good luck to the brickfilmers! May the best ones win!


→ See registration for Brickstars2019

→ See the results of the Brickstars2018

→ See the Brickstars2018 playlist

Good luck everybody !

Good luck to everyone!

60 entries. Objective reached. Do we add another lot for the level 80? A little gift coupon ($25) from our sponsor Brickwarrior?

Yes! The more prizes the better!!!

The Brickstars are closed for this 2019 edition. I hope that, just like us, you were particularly excited to (re)discover the best creations of 2019. Thank you all for your 88 quality entries. They are all visible in the playlist accessible with this link:

The panel of judge is already at work to rate and comment on ALL your entries. It takes a little time, especially since the results will be announced as usual with a live announcement on Youtube. See you for the Brickstars results in early February 2020 to find out the winners.

I would also like to add that we have obtained a few more small prizes from our sponsors Brickwarriors, Brickstuff and Lapetitbrique. They will be distributed equally among the top 10 according to their value.

Thanks again to all of you. See you soon!

Great! Thanks so much for hosting this great contest! May the best win

Oh boy, exciting!!

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