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My entry to the second part of Brick a Bracks summer contest. I had fun experimenting with colored lighting on this one! SFX from

LEGO Hazard
I hope you enjoy this film I made. Thank you and have a nice day!

Lego The Beatles - She Loves You (Live TV Concert)
@Loponcio Films
The Beatles in Lego version performing one of their best songs, "She Loves You"!

The Fortune Cookie | Brickfilm
The victim of a fortune cookie happens to have one of the worst "fortune's" ever... Music used: Instagram: minideliciouspant (Follow for giveaways and face reveals! Just kidding!) #minideliciouspant

LEGO Moon Madness
A little short we created for Brick-a-Brack's Summer Contest 2019.

LEGO Everyday Life in Silverskeep | Episode 1: Hey Sharon
Pilot episode to my new series Everyday Life in Silverskeep What is Silverskeep? A city that celebrates pop culture and drag. The series follows a diverse range of characters like Bill and Sharon! Mor

The Theif || Summer Contest
This is an entry to Brick-a-Brack's summer contest. The movie has to be one long un-edited shot. I hope you enjoy! Please like, subscribe, and share.

"Flip" Brickfilm Day: Round 2
This is my entry to the second round of the Brickfilm Day tournament! I am so grateful to have made it into the second round! Instagram: minideliciouspant (Follow me for free shoutouts! Just kidding!

COLE ROCKS! - 2019 Summer contest challenge 2
@GUATEMAX Animations
Submission entry, no editing, modifications, and flicker full! used my backyard, my collections (rocks) and the power of sticky tack! Wheeeze! recorded in one day with my wacko camera subscribe to my

One Shot | Brick a Brack: Summer Contest 2019
The classic Lego figure takes on the bricks in this short scene, he only has one shot! (And this is a one shot of a film) Instagram: minideliciouspant #minideliciouspant #lego #brickfilm

SetCraft Ep. 6 - The California Flag
I made the flag into LEGO for some reasons: 1. I was literally born and raised in California. 2. Pretty much California has its diversity in some places like Los Angeles. And 3. I just wanted to recre

Behind the Scenes: The Greatest Lego Haircut
Here is a goofy behind the scenes look of my recent film, "The Greatest Lego Haircut!" Reference videos: "LEGO Billy Mays Presents the SNIPPER SWEEP" by MindGame Studios "Unbridled Mischief: A LEGO We

Evil Dead
Isolated in his cabin Ash must defeat the EVIL DEAD that lurks in the cellar. The puppets are a combination of Clay and LEGO pieces.

BFD Summer Animation Contest 2019 - ''The Hammer"
@Cloudy VS
My entry to the first round of the BFD Summer Animation Contest 2019. After a lot of failed attempts I sticked to this. I hope that you like it!

Man Gets Hit With Stick
BFD Summer Animation Contest 2019 Round 1 Bash For some reason this exported in 480p

The Shining LEGO - Trailer
A trailer showing the most important scenes from the movie remade in LEGO.

"Bash" LEGO Brickfilm Day Contest Entry (Round 1)
This is my entry for Brickfilm Day's 72hour 5-20 second animation contest. They have announced the theme "Bash" on the 19th of July 2019. Let's hope for the best! Everything was done practical. There

Getting bashed then bash back
My entry for the Brickfilm-Day Animation challenge. Theme was: "BASH" Focus lies on the animation, not on anything else, so there was no need to cover my lights or anything else on my desk. I just use

Lego Zombie Construction
Lego Zombies Attack Apocalypse Construction Series Happy Watching Guys Don't Forget Support my Channel #lego #legozombie #stopmotion #animation

Unfinshed, old, or unpublished.
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
A montage of Unfinished, old, or unpublished animation. Music: You So Zany by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licens

"Bash" Brickfilm Day: Round 1
Recently, Brickfilm Day announced a new contest with a mystery theme. Then, on the 19th, the announced the theme of the first round for the tournament. Was "Bash." and here I am now, with my entry to

The Lego Shootout
Two thieves rob a bank! They get away but cause a lot of trouble, they probably shouldn't have shot at the police...

LEGO Spider-Man Hydro Man Attack OFFICIAL
Hey guys here is my new Lego Spider-Man film! I love the Spider-Man movies and so I had fun making this brickfilm to pay tribute to the latest film - Spider-Man far from home This Lego film finds Spid

BFD Contest Announcement 2019
@Brickfilm Day
Edited by Ryan Films and James Cawood Animated by Gifted Animations

LEGO Western
A local town sheriff goes on a adventure to catch Jesse James. Special Thanks to Joseph Thoits for some help with a few sets.

@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
I forgot to put in the video how to enter-Upload your video to YT and then comment telling me you've uploaded it, or comment a link to it. The Theme is: An Unfortunate Predicament Deadline: August 15

Lego Shopping - Zombie Attack
@Half Bricked
not your average day at the food market, especially when zombies attack! had a ton of fun making this, worked hard on better sound effects and music so let me know what u think! Give an honest opinion

LEGO Avengers: Endgame in 7 Minutes
@Jonathan Theaters
LEGO Avengers: Endgame in 7 Minutes The entire plot of Avengers: Endgame condensed into a 7 minute LEGO animation! WOOoowww so this took a while, didn't it? What, nearly three months? Yikes. Anyways,

Svenny's Grand Space Adventure
When given a mission, Svenny goes out on a wonderful adventure, and even learns a lesson. Big thanks to lotsatoast for helping out with the video! Music made by Wammy Thank you so much for watching!

100 subscribers special
@Cloudy VS
Thank you so much for everything! I couldn't have done it without you guys and the brickfilm community!

Headspace (ft. Gold Brick Productions & YummyBurrito)
@Lainie May
Thanks for checking out this awesome video that couldn't have been done without my friends Chris and Hudson. I hope you enjoyed watching this film as much as I did making it! Go ahead and check out C

The Car Accident | Brickfilm
Disaster strikes as a speedster goes over the limit and collides with a massive truck... Instagram: minideliciouspant Music: #brickfilm #minideliciouspant #lego

Lego Batman 76119 - Batmobile The Pursuit Of The Joker - Speedbuild!
Lego Batman 76119 - Batmobile The Pursuit Of The Joker - Speedbuild! Lego Batman 76119 "Batmobile The Persuit Of The Joker" 342 PCS $24.99/29.99€ Kids will love pretending to be Batman™ and The Joker™

My vote goes to LEGO Western by @BlackSmithFilms9522.

Yo yo yo everyone vote for me! (Lol jk) But please do don't be shy
My vote goes to @HoverfrogFilms Lego_Rock_Monster_Animation.Test!

I vote for LEGO Western by @BlackSmithFilms9522


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