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So we cancelled Brickfilm of the Month.


Joking side, it's voting time! It's that time of the month again, to look back at March and recognize a brickfilmer for a truly remarkable film. You know the drill: consult the list below, cast your vote, and we will select March's Brickfilm of the Month shortly!

LEGO Avengers: Pizza warfare
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Several adults in costumes, and a big purple alien fight over a pizza. Music: Hit the Streets (Version 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist:

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Recreated in LEGO
@Jonathan Theaters
Avengers: Endgame Trailer Recreated in LEGO A LEGO recreation of one of the TV spots put out for Avengers: Endgame. Made in just 3 days!

{LEGO FNaF/Multiverse} Discord Remix Collab Part in 4k
@Ryan Roy
First 4k animation upload! I spent roughly two hours on the animation and editing, and it paid off!

Warrior. (brickfilm)
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
This is an entry to the Lego King Erik 2000+ subscriber stop motion contest the theme was Warriors. Cartoon Battle - Vadodara by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

The Last Avenger | Avengers: The Last Avenger
The battle against Requiem is on! Will the Avengers survive this supervillain? Find out in Avengers: The Last Avenger COMING 2020. Playlist: Instagram: minideliciouspant Avengers: The Last Avenger T

Hey guys here is my new film - LEGO Bond 25! I am a huge fan of James Bond and this brickfilm is dedicated to the upcoming Bond 25 film! Follow the further adventures of 007 as Lego James Bond dares t

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 11
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! We've exceeded the 2050 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I've finished the Tenth chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope you'll en

Lego Minecraft Ep1: Arrow in the Knee
@Lucky Lego Studios
First episode in my Lego Minecraft Series.

Lovely to Love Your Lovin
The man is smooth yet rugged, and he has the force on his side. Hold on to your ladies fellas! I haven't had much time to animate but I had just purchased a few new sets couldn't resist getting a litt


Lego Music Store
@Half Bricked
you don't have to be good at music to enjoy it! hope everyone likes this funny short, was a lot of fun building, let me know what u think!

Test LEGO animation #picpac #timelapse #stopmotion #lego #monsterhigh
@Animation Lego
Created by PicPac app for stopmotion and timelapse - download here: Работаю до сих пор над проектом ,поэтому смотрим небольшую нарезку пробной анимации

Lego Benny's Space Squad!
SPACESHIP!!! I got the new Lego set lately and decided to do some fun stuff with it...

Stigymoloch Break Out - Ft. IsaacTheAnimator
Isaac and I challenged each other to an animation challenge. the challenge was animate a stygimoloch breaking out and breaking into the aviary. Isaac's channel:

Made for SHAC. Thanks for watching! Thank to TMBRICKS for voicing as the walrus

Simple Life - Finding The Difference
@Cloudy VS
What's up people, I'm Cloudy VS back with another Simple Life episode. This time Dave gets upset because he thinks that there is a difference, but he can't find it.

LEGO Zombie Gangnam Style
@That 70s Kid
► Thanks for watching! Leave a thumbs up and subscribe! ► Subscribe Here ► Most Recent Video LEGO Zombie Gangnam Style is a LEGO stop motion animation cartoon made by That 70's Kid and his Toys

@James Cawood
A shot for shot recreation of the music video for Joji's hit single, SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK.

LEGO Minecraft The End Battle Stop Motion Animation Movies 2019 - LEGO Set Brickfilms Compilation!
Here it is folks, Recently, A few animators were asked to make videos for LEGO Minecraft to promote their new Minecraft sets. it was a ton of fun and we all learned something in the processes. this vi

Welcome to Buffalo Brickfilms!
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Welcome to Buffalo Brickfilms! Formerly LegoBros World. Orion by Serge Narcissoff | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Return to the Surface (SHAC 2)
@2x4 Productions
A group of researchers, scuba divers, and a government guy with an afro investigate sea weed. They are attacked and must return to the surface to escape the sea monster.

@Future Past Productions
Thanks for watching everyone! This is my first year entering SHAC and it was a ton of fun. I would've liked to have had more sound effects besides just the mod sound, but I ran out of time unfortunate

Trapped Below the Surface | SHAC 2
@Last Brick Productions
(Sorry about the bad ending) Made in seventy two hours for SHAC 2 2019 A submarine crew trying two make it to the surface, sinks due to a leak.

Getting to the surface (SHAC 2019)
@Cloudy VS
This is my entry to SHAC2. I hope that you enjoyed my it. I got the idea while playing Minecraft, and then I remembered that I have a few Lego Minecraft sets. What a coincidence.

Gestrandet - SHAC II
Made for SHAC 2019. A quite tough guy is stranded on a lonely island. Even though he is alone, he seems to have fun and enjoys himself. But does he really? Find out!

lucid (SHACII Entry)
@Joshua Nelson
A boy has a lucid dream where he brings his toys to life. However, he is not the only conscious being in control, as something from within him begins to surface.

A Strange Day at the Beach
@Raptor Studios
It looks like a perfect day to go swimming! Almost nothing could prevent a great afternoon of fun and the sun.....or could there? Made for SHAC 2019 aka Seventy-Two Hour Animation Contest. Music By Ke

SHAC 2019: shaQuest for the surface
My entry to SHAC 2019. Hope you enjoy! Music used:

@Jonathan Theaters
anyone like lego? anyone like mario?

Collapse Kapitel 5: Datenklau
Kapitel 5 des Lego Star Wars Brickfilms "Collapse": Der Deserteur Aver Tukin ist noch immer auf der Suche nach imperialen Daten, die er der Neuen Republik zukommen lassen will. Cole und Frazer versuch

Athlete Swinging a Pick in LEGO
@Ice Fox
Eadweard Muybridge released his three minute masterpiece "Athlete Swinging a Pick" in 1881. 138 years later I recreated it in LEGO. After the 20th time it gets very meditative... A true masterpiece of

LEGO Test (Lego Stop Motion Animation / Brickfilm)
Welcome to Brick Experience!! • We’ve all been there! Yup.. That’s right, ITS A TEST!! Check out how this kid did on the day he did his test!

LEGO Captain Marvel
@Future Past Productions
To go along with the release of 'Captain Marvel' which releases today in most places, here is my own Captain Marvel brickfilm! You can also check out this video COMPLETELY unedited over on my second c

Tron Draft (unfinished)
Last year, I attempted to do a Tron Legacy animation. It was a passion project. However, it proved to be for troublesome than I thought. So, I scraped it, for now. This is what I had until I scraped.

Lego animals vs peta: Epic Battle
Special thanks to these fine fellows for screaming: LAF The total pro awesome guy

LEGO How To Train Your Dragon | Recreation Scene
After seeing the third movie, my interest for this trilogy grew a ton. I just had to do something. If you've kept up with my twitter, you can see the process for me making the rigs of these 2. But her

LEGO Superheroes Team up to save the world and stop T-SERIES -feat. PEWDIEPIE
@Ice Fox
Alex Richard Thomson is having a drink with his friend when suddenly he gets teleported to the King of Interdimesional Heroes! This film was made within 24 hours for VocalFlix.

A Brickfilm for VocalFlix
For VocalFlix. About VocalFLix. With me... AND ONLY ME!

Metal Gear Thicc (A VocalFlix 2019 Entry)
@SuitedNinjaNerd Studios
solid snake is thicc, i made all of the sounds in this with my voice, and i'm gonna go hide in a box now, so bye... This video was made in 2 days for the Brick A Brack VocalFlix 2019 Contest. The My U

STRANDED || Vocal Flix 2019
Made for Vocal Flix 2019. For Vocal Flix, you must make all sound effects using your mouth. This is what I managed to come up with in about a week. #VocalFlix2019

Stormtrooper Bob: Bob's Revenge
@ThunderStruck Productions
Bob is fed up with his coworker Jim's stupid Yo Momma jokes. How will he react? Made for BaB's VocalFlix contest.

The Pythor Whip (VocalFlix)
Pythor (Me) sings the weekend whip. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea, but here we are. VocalFlix entry.

Строим из Lego Duplo, Train Bridge 10872, My First Train 10507, Лего Дупло Мост 10872, Поезд 10507
@Bricks Toys TV
Строим из Lego Duplo, Lego Duplo Train Bridge (10872), Lego Duplo My First Train Set (10507) - Лего Дупло Мост (10872), Лего Дупло Поезд (10507) 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: 🎬 Lego Duplo

Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops (Vocalflix)
In this episode of my series "Improbox", where I make a more or less improvised brickfilm out of only one Lego product, a pug disovers transformation and experiences an existential crisis... Have a lo

Rapping What I'm Doing ~ An Entry to the VocalFlix Competition
@LAF Productions
The title says it all - I'm rapping what I'm doing (was now because what I was doing was a couple of days ago). Lyrics: Yo GBP came to me saying enter VocalFlix competition it became a mission 'cause

My vote goes to Stormtrooper Bob: Bob's revenge, by mahsefff.

Crafting Table bois unite!! 100% voting for LEGO Minecraft - The Pirate Ship Stop Motion Animation Movies Compilation!

Last edited by SuitedNinjaNerd Studios (apr. 1, 2019 (11:43pm)).

My vote goes to Bubble by LainieGoat.

Hudson LudyThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: None).

Captain Marvel by @Future Past Productions!

Bubble by Lainie.

I really liked "LEGO Minecraft - The Pirate Ship Stop Motion Animation Movies Compilation!"

Well I'm late but we're still voting, right? My vote goes to Lucid by @Joshua Nelson

I cast my vote towards Joji - SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK Recreated IN LEGO


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