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@ShahriarIsn't that better to have something like a poll that counts votes?
I think it's a bit silly to do it this way

It would undoubtably make the process easier and simpler for all, however, Gwen Movies is right. It's hard to know if someone voted twice, voted on multiple accounts, ect. If we can fix those issues, it could be a good thing to conceder for the future.

My vote is cast towards LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return by the2awesomeguys, after 5 years in development it was worth the wait!

Limiting "voting right" to accounts will solve the issue, however, it's up to website developers to do this.

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I'll vote for 'LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return' by @the2awesomeguys!

Bricktown FilmsThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: Need to redo).

I vote for me right? So many good brickfilms my vote goes to The LEGO Movie 2: Benny & Batman by @Speakbroccoli

I vote agent 32 by @LiamLegoStudios

My vote goes to Lego War: A New World by @starwarsstudio100.

Also LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return by @the2awesomeguys!

Final vote in to break the tie is from me: LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return by @the2awesomeguys.


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