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The Rise of Lego Batman OFFICIAL

Hey guys here is my new Lego film - The Rise of Lego Batman! I am a huge fan of Batman; so I decided to make an original Lego Batman film! This brickfilm shows Lego Batman against his greatest enemy - The Joker! The Joker is causing chaos along with Two-Face; so its up to Batman to rise again and overcome his fears! Batman must find help from Robin, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon to defeat the Joker and Two-Face before time runs out! This Lego film message is about the need to rise and conquer your fears! Hope you guys enjoy - don't forget to Subscribe for more awesome Lego films! :)

Music performed by Parademics: The Dark Knight Epic Orchestral Cover

Thanks everyone for your support! :)

Production team
Jordys BricksProducer, project's creator

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Some nice use of real backgrounds, also I like those "pow" effects. I'd suggest using a bit less still images, a bit more movement instead of digital zoom would make it even better.


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