BRAWL 2019: Animals vs. PETA 2 Ethical Boogaloo | Brick à Brack

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BRAWL 2019: Animals vs. PETA 2 Ethical Boogaloo

Made in under a week for BRAWL 2019.

Voice talent:
Layne the dog:
Squidtastic videos:

Music used:

Some stuff by Kevin MacLeod, IDK
This really cool cover:
And eye of the tiger, which YouTube will probably auto detect and you should see it down below.

Production team
AwesomepantsFilmsProducer, project's creator

Haha awesome job!

I like the humor of this film, but I actually don't like your usage of subtitles.
As the characters do make sounds and speak, but in the same scene, they bable some jibberish. This inconsistence makes this brickfilm a bit confusing.


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