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Fishy Falballa - Steinerei 2019

This is my entry for the Steinerei 2019 in Husum.

Fishy Falballa is a mermaid, who just wants one thing: The love of her life!
Fortunately, Erratus Maximus is coming her way. As they meet, Fishy falls in love with Erratus and tries to seduce him. A powerful musical starts and Fishy invites all her friends to join in it.
Are they going to succeed and Fishy is able to get Erratus?
See it yourself!

Production team
AoW-GamerProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (2)Bricks In Motion (2)

This is a very funny brickfilm! I like it! I heard you wanted to make your singing more professional but you hadn't time so you recorded it quick, but I think that way your singing makes your movie exceptional! I'm looking forward for more brickfilms from you!

Thanks, yes I did a lot of voice training for that. After all, autotune may have helped a bit too.


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