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The Who Live at Bricktown

The Who Live at Bricktown

Let’s go see The Who Live (with today’s guitars) at Bricktown. How well will they play? You will find out, and I have a little surprise at the end ;)

All music by The Who


Who are You 0:00

I Can’t Explain 0:28

Legal Matter 0:48

I’m a Man 1:13

The Kids are Alright 1:37

Love Reign O’er Me 2:07

Pinball Wizard 2:29

Won’t Get Fooled Again 3:31

Squeeze Box (live version) 4:19

Baba O’ Riley 5:04

Surprise at the end ;)

I hope you enjoyed! Share your thoughts below 🔽⬇️🔽

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Nice Songs, I didn't know all or the songs yet, but I certainly like them! Also, really nice lighting, with that colour changing and the dark background!
Also, the ending was a bit confusing, but also fit it well to show a sort of comparison. Did you actually make that videos yourself?


Yes, I did everything myself. The Stop Motion and also the real life concert. All of it is my recording, going there live was what inspired me to make this film.


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