Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker | Brick à Brack

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Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker

I did literally everything in this video. There. There are the credits for you.

Production team
TheLegoDirectorProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (8)Youtube (97)

Hey, I loved it. I saw that you did everything by yourself. I would be happy to voice act some of your characters in the future. If you are interested please PM me or email me

This was soooo stylized. It’s incredible. A comic book feel reminiscent of into the spiderverse. Awesome job!

Yo yo yooo! This is insane! I saw a picture of the one clip month's ago, you really mastered the comic style! I absolutely loved that! Keep it up!

Great job!

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Awesome work! I loved the comic book fight scenes - keep it up!

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This is amazing it’s like into the spider verse + Spidy ps4 also I love the reference to spidy ps4 with the song(wether intentional or not)

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