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LEGO Avengers Endgame: Fury's Academy

Long before the Avengers Initiative, Agent Nicholas J. Fury searches high and low for the ultimate hero. At last he thinks he's found one.

Production team
SpeakbroccoliProducer, project's creator

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I freaking love this! The story flows very well and the 90s mood sets in quite well, especially at the end. Fantastic work!

Thanks so much for your feedback dude.

Hey there Speak Broccoli! Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to translate English to Broccoli, so I hope you can read English I’m one of the Jury members of this competition, and wanted to say that I think you did a great job, I really like how the fisherman sits there during the action, and the way he get’s his fish Also your lighting is amazing, I will give you 9 points

Very good animation

Thanks for your support guys. Yeah the fish explosion took a lot of takes to get right.


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