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Becoming an Avenger | LEGO Animation

One blissful Saturday afternoon, Hudson is confronted with the one and only Iron Man, asking for his help in defeating Thanos.
This film was made in a week for the Brick a Brack Brickfilmers Assemble contest. I had a really good time making this film, and if you stuck around through the post-credit sequence, you'll notice that the site has been taken over by Samuel L Jacksons. I'm now apart of the team over there, and I'd highly recommend it to any brickfilmer who wants to get their work in front of more eyes, and meet other cool people in the community.
I'm not really a marvel super-fan by any means, I mean, I like the films but, I'm not going to be emotionally affected by anything that happens in Endgame when I see it. But I understand the super-fans who have been on this journey for so many years, and are finally getting the well-deserved climax. Marvel is pretty cool.
Oreos are good.
#Sub2Pongowl #DontSpoilTheEndgame

Production team
Hudson LudyProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (7)Contests (3)

Wow great job! That was a very funny little animation you got there! And I love the "choppieness" of this film! It was awesome!

Loved it!

Fun and hilarious!

Smooth animation and great 'camera' work... really added to the feel!

Voice work and sound design are Great too!!

Congrats.. good job!

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So much creativity! And the ending... Amazing!

Hey there! I’m one of the jury members for this contest. And I want to say that your story telling is great, and very funny as well. I like the way you animated it, and especially the part where he says “Then why did I make you an expensive suit!” I’ll give you 9 points

Good luck!

-Bricktown Films (and Judge of this competition)

So well done! I love the camerawork at the beginning, the story is funny and well paced and the animation is also lovely! Well done!

I enjoyed this quite a bit. The humor and animation quality is something to strive for! Also thanks for letting me cameo at the end! I’m coming to like the brickfilming community much more than the Hollywood community.

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