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Me and Yew [THACXVI]

My entry to THACXVI. A man chops down a Yew tree to help construct his cabin, to find not only does it reappear each time he chops it down, but that it gets closer and closer to his construction.

Production team
LOTWStudiosProducer, project's creator

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Fun idea.. visualized very well..

Loved the choice of shots, close up vs middle and the chosen angles..

@LOTWStudios, as always, a polished piece of brickfilming. The twist ending was a nice touch as well.

Lovely animation and all in all a fun brickfilm! Great use of ambient sound, and I just love that punny title

Good work. This is my favorite THAC film that you've made. It's not often you see a brickfilm involving lumberjacks, so that's neat.


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