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Ancient Antique Auctioneers

Tune in tonight as Johnny Thunder attempts to auction off loot from past adventures. Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Originally made as a short for Mindgame Studios' Quarantine Daze. This release includes a bonus scene, following the auction.

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator
OVoice actor (Johnny Thunder)
LucVoice actor (Detective Smug)

Brick à Brack (6)Bricks In Motion (1)

Great from the opening shot to the closing shot (accompanied by a soundtrack that I'll now listen to by itself too ).
The fact that this auction is called "AAA", every character in fore and background, the living room and of course RAIN! Very good.

@Yetgo(accompanied by a soundtrack that I'll now listen to by itself too )

Have I created a Smerins fan? Brilliant band, and they released an album of instrumentals that I just can't resist using as background music!

Indeed you maybe did, I will definitely look into their stuff!

Edit: I did, the album is amazing indeed!

Last edited by Yetgo (jul. 19, 2020 (01:26am)).

@YetgoI did, the album is amazing indeed!

Haha, I'm listening to it again now, after you reminded me

Wow your bf is a slap! The animation finally the style of animation is very beautiful!

Awesome job!


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