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Avengers Endgame: The previous MCU movies, but with Batman!

As you can probably tell, towards the last half that of it I kinda gave up on making it good. Hope you enjoy anyways!

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AwesomepantsFilmsProducer, project's creator

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But I think you should stay in each movie a little bit longer, because when Batman was in Age of Ultron and Ragnarok I didn´t recognize it as this movies. Also the greenscreen isn´t that good. But the beginning with Loki was hilarious!

A nice idea, with very funny ways to incorparate it. The ending is just great, I also love the civil war part. When it comes to things that might be improved, the green screen at the beginning is a bit too visuable. I know, such stuff can be quite hard, had my problems with it too in the past, but maybe try finding other ways to do the effect/scene when your editing programm (or whatever caused the problem) doees not get the green screen right.
Still, an entertaining series of funny little Batman shorts!

A brickfilm that had a great idea, but unfortunately we feel you gave up and that's sad. It seems like your brickfilm isn't finished, rushed.


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