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#SummerContest2018 - Announcement

By Maxou44 and Chris M.

Hello, everyone!

The #SilentContest has just finished but we are already preparing the next one! Indeed, during the two months of school holiday, we will organize many competitions and allow you to win fresh, crisp prizes!

Every Monday morning, you will discover a new event and will generally have one week to participate. The 3 winners of each contest event will receive magnificent prizes! It is not necessary to participate in all the events, but the winners of each event that accumulate the most points during these events will receive an exclusive badge on their Brick à Brack profile!

Since we're super nice, we're giving you the list of the challenges in advance, just so you're ready and able to compete with your friends.

Week #1 : Script contest (July 2 to July 8)
Week #2 : Adaptation contest (July 9 to July 14)
Week #3 : Set design contest (July 16 to July 22)
Week #4 : Animation contest (July 23 to July 29)
Week #5 : Soundtrack contest (July 30 to August 5)
Week #6 : Animation contest (August 6 to August 12)
Week #7 : Storyboard contest (August 13 to August 19)
Week #8 : Brickfilm contest (August 20 to September 2)

We've inserted a non-brickfilming challenge between each brickfilm challenge so you're not overwhelmed! We hope that you will enjoy these contest concept and that many of you will participate!

As you can imagine, a contest per week for two months will be complicated to manage for your favorite staff, even though we've planned this out far in advance (far enough, we think? We'll find out! ) It might take some time, so if you don't want to participate in an event and you want to give us a hand with judging, send us a private message.

See you on July 2, 2018 for the first event!
May fate be favorable to you!

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