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Classic Space Adventures Chapter 1

On his way to the Futuron city, the white astronaut notices that everyone is missing! Then he finds out why and must save the day! This film was made for Silent Contest 2020.

Production team
2x4 ProductionsProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (4)Contests (5)Bricks In Motion (2)

Wow good brickfilm.

The animation and the image quality are not great but.. You have some good idea for the animation, like the Bricks behind the car at 01:13 ; or position of the relaxed character at 04:36.
The decors are very well !

Good continuation !

Thanks! Those are some of my favorite scenes too. I was testing out dust animation for the car scene that I wanted to use for the entire film but we were running out of time due to the deadline of the contest.

I loved your brickfilm. It is a relaxing, calm and minimalist brickfilm.

The sets are really cool and have depth: this retro side is nice.

There are some camera shakes and lightflickers but beyond these technical concerns, this first episode is very nice, we quickly get attached to its little astronauts. They have natural expressions and their language is cute.

It's a cool brickfilm: well done.


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