Rex Thunderstruck and the Troublesome Treasure (THAC XVII) | Brick à Brack

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Rex Thunderstruck and the Troublesome Treasure (THAC XVII)

The legendary Rex Thunderstruck (and assistants Don Juanson and Dixie the dog) prepare to raid a Pharaoh's tomb in search of treasure!

Made in under 24 hours for THAC XVII - the 17th Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest.

Production team
chris_gbpProducer, project's creator
SunspaceVoice actor (Pharaoh Snefru Khufu Snafu)

Brick à Brack (2)Bricks In Motion (3)

This is probably the funniest entry in the contest. I loved watching the stream and it was coming up with ideas for the subtitle.

Snefru Khufu Snafu is an epic name. loved this animation and your choice of making this an overall orange color scenery with the mod elements involved!


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