Gumbo Day Day of Gumbo [THAC XVII] | Brick à Brack

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Gumbo Day Day of Gumbo [THAC XVII]

Entry to THAC XVII.
Figg Goldwringer gotta make da gumbo for da gubnor!!1!

Gee, orange you glad it blue over?

Production team
BlandeerProducer, project's creator
SquashVoice actor (Govna)
Willow TreeThanks

Brick à Brack (2)Bricks In Motion (2)

Extremly absurd, with a lot of randomness, and also a lot of heart. I love the little world that you made here, feels like a real, crazy but real universe that they are living in, and that in such a small runtime!
Also, the editing is amazing, and amazinly funny. A lot of nice visual gags.

This one's comedy! and in a short time limit, you made this very well entertaining too! loved it!


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