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Zombies Horror Movie (Mega Bloks)

2 soldats pénètrent au sein du laboratoire abandonné UMBRELLA, ils n'y trouveront que folie et horreur.

Ambiances inspirées par Resident Evil, Fallout, Incident 74.

♫ Musique(s) : 1) juggernog song (CoD Black Ops)
2) 16mm DARK HALLS
3) Horror Musical Instrument - The Apprehension Engine
4) Marilyn Manson & Marco Beltrami - Resident Evil Movie Theme Cover
5) LA Noire Main menu theme music
■ Total of pictures : around 3 600
□ Post-production : Movie Maker, Sony Vegas 12.0
■ SoundFX : Universal sound bank, Fallout 3, CoD zombies sound effects, Dying Light, Bioshock, Resident Evil & YouTube

Production team
SCARE CROMProducer, project's creator

It’s not perfect, but there’s a lot of stuff going for it.
The animation is a bit choppy, but not really that bad. The dialouge is also just subtitles, which might or might not work for some people. (I’ve personally done it myself on a few films, I’m fine with it)
Now the positives: The lighting and set design are really, really good! The overall atmosphere and cinematography this film has brings a lot to it. Really good job!


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