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Bob And Randy - Christmas Clash (Episode 5)

Five years ago, Bob and Randy were the worst of enemies - but when Christmas break goes horribly wrong, the two are forced to team up and deliver a package across town.

This is my contribution to the Brickfilm Christmas Collaboration 2019; my prompt was "Santa wants a career change" by David Nielsen (DNAnimation).

Production team
chris_gbpProducer, project's creator
Jared JohnsonVoice actor (Willard)
Rebaka-ChanVoice actor (Lavender Doublecross)
Alex's CornerVoice actor (Rachel)
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosVoice actor (Darrel)
Ur Friendly BombVoice actor (Gary)
Floating Banana ProductionsVoice actor (Kyle the Renegade)
jaydotjayVoice actor (Santa)

My ship is sunk, but I’m still very entertained.
Good work.


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