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Tha Cliff (Enhanced Edition)

Many come to Tha Cliff in search of a fabled prize... None return.

Inspired by xefpatterson's classic 'Tha Cliff' flash animations but with a bit of extra insanity to spice things up. This is the enhanced edition, which polishes things up and adds the 'starring' outro sequence. The original was entirely produced within 24 hours for the THAC XVI competition.

Writer/animator/editor/voice actor J
Hermit wizard (God of Tectonics)  Mr Spanglës
Josephine Skedazzle Lucy
Merrigondor Blunderthrice Lucy
Valkyrie McStibbons Dame Patricia
Lee Senior Henry
Terrence Longbolt Blandeer
Zeegrark Blandeer
Skelevil Blandeer
Mecha Vader Blandeer
Paul Jones Brick Broadcasting
Mk Lunky and DVS Brick Broadcasting

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator

A nice version of an amazing film! I still absolutely love that cliff long take!


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