LEGO Halloween Kills | Brick à Brack

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LEGO Halloween Kills

An unsuspecting demolitions worker arrives at the infamous Myers House.

Made for Brick a Brack's #ScaryContest by Arginnon and Lady Arginnon
Sound effects from
and by users InspectorJ ( and Leafs67
Original music by Kristóf Fekete-Kovács

(Psst... This is actually the opening scene of a longer brickfilm. Can you spot the easter egg and figure out what kind of a crossover it will be?)

a Winter Sock Production

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator

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Amazing work, I don't think I've seen such a good Lego splatter film, and also such an intense one! Music and sound are, as always in your films, not only unique but also very well done!


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