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Out of Service

The new LEGO stop motion brickfilm by hirschundelch.
A woman in a wheelchair tries to get on the bus because she has an important appointment. However, this undertaking seems to be more difficult than expected.

The story of this stop motion brickfilm is inspired by actual events that happened in Paris, France in 2018.

Written, produced, animated and directed by Stefan Minder
Editing, Visual FX, Sound FX and Music by Stefan Minder

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November 2019

Production team
hirschundelchProducer, project's creator

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A true masterpiece right here. Every single detail is done spectacularly. What really stood out was the subtle details in lighting and sound design. This is a film to be proud of.

really beautiful, a little bit mean, the other minifigs, had dates probably too,
but i think we have too look out for others too, not just always for our self!

What a nice little beautifully shot brickfilm with wonderful music and sounds! Amazingly done, with a deep but subtle message.

Perfect sound design and lighting and I love the raindrops 👍

really nice film, love the animation the lighting, everything!

Thanks to all of you for your nice words and compliments! I'm very happy that you like it. It was a special project for me and to see so much positive feedback brightens my day. Thank you!

So luch really !!!And very good animation !!!

wooow awesome


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