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Dark Times LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Trailer

Happy Halloween everyone !

We have excedeed 3100 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work !

Today here's the final trailer of my new serie that is going to be released on Dember 25th 2021. It will take place after episode 3 and it's inspired from clone wars Legends comics.
I'm still working on chapter 10 i'll released it next month !

More than 1200 pictures were taken to make this brickfilm !

For this one i've been helped for the voices !
Kit fisto voiced by my musician friend Carli-T

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Production team
Blackbird WilliamProducer, project's creator

Some nice settings, looks quite epic. I like that you used real grounds for the scenery, in generel the setting mostly looks nice. Also, the red lighting of the last part is cool!

Very interesting trailer. I'm looking forward to see the film. Although the release date seems to be far away in the future...


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