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LEGO Spider-Man Hydro Man Attack OFFICIAL

Hey guys here is my new Lego Spider-Man film! I love the Spider-Man movies and so I had fun making this brickfilm to pay tribute to the latest film - Spider-Man far from home :) This Lego film finds Spider-Man facing new danger in Hydro-Man! Can Spider-Man stop hydro man attacks in time? :)

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Thanks everyone for your support! :)

Production team
masterbrixcoProducer, project's creator

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Some great effects, I like the water effect. Sometimes a bit more stop motion movement could have helped. Also, I was a bit confused where the car suddenly came from.
The sound effects and voice acting are well done, they give the film a bit of extra humor.

I like the idea to use less bricks, to tell a big story. But I think a bit more set design would do great on this one.
I really like the sort of water throne of Hydroman. The building up at the bridge could have been a bit faster.
Also I think a bit more fps would also do great to the animation, especially in those action scenes with fighting and stuff.
Actually I enjoy your audacity to use so many digital effects, although many of them need a bit of handling though.

Thank you @AoW-Gamer for the helpful feedback!


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